Brown Jordan

State-of-the-art features for luxury furniture brand

Location: Pasadena, CA
Vertical: Manufacturing
Industry: Home
Category: B2B
The Mission

Engaging user experiences.

Brown Jordan is the industry-leading manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture. After experiencing performance issues on their SuiteCommerce site, they knew their website wasn’t performing as it should, and needed guidance to use NetSuite efficiently.

They picked us as a long-term partner to help them improve configuration, performance, UX, and maintenance issues, looking to elevate their website to match their rich history and expertise.

Laying the groundwork

1. SEO Auditing

An in-depth SEO Audit revealed the specific areas needing the most attention, where we were able to perform Key SEO Fixes and an SEO Duplicate Content fix.

2. SCA Technical Audit

A thorough SCA Audit led by our SuiteCommerce experts unveiled the causes of the site’s poor performance, helping us build a reliable roadmap for site efficiency.

3. Website Redesign

Brown Jordan has already developed the design they wanted for their site, but they needed to bring it to life. Based on their mockups, we updated the look and feel of the entire website.

Mobile First Design

Seamless navigation on mobile was imperative for Brown Jordan. All of the features developed or integrated are highly optimized for mobile navigation. This includes the 360 HD Viewer, Store Locator — an integration with Sitemapper — and the custom feature Meet the Designers.

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