B2B Customer Portal

B2B Customer Portal for NetSuite eCommerce

Offer B2B self-service features to your clients for a more personalized customer experience, accessible 24/7.


What is a B2B Customer Portal?

A B2B customer portal is a password-protected environment you can make accessible to your clients, 24/7, through a login. With a secure account access, clients can manage all the sensitive information related to their account such as invoices, sales orders, credit memos, quotes, account statements, cases, and so on.

In addition, clients are able to make transactional actions such as placing new orders, request quotes, or pay invoices.

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What are the Benefits of a B2B Customer Portal?

Who is it for? If you’re a B2B company, a wholesaler, or a franchise, you can highly benefit from building your own B2B Customer Portal on your NetSuite eCommerce website.

Offering self-service features to your clients will result in a better, more personalized customer experience, all while decompressing the workload of your customer service team by digitizing manual processes for Account Management, Support, Billing, and Purchasing.

Improved efficiency of customer service, sales and accounting teams
Provide self-service to your customers in a safe environment
Speed up purchasing decisions allowing clients to reorder items or convert quotes into sales orders
Improved customer experience and customer satisfaction
Reduce support requests through customer support team
Provide complete access to their purchase and billing history
Simplify quoting, ordering, and payment processes for your clients

Start Building Your Own B2B Customer Portal Into Your Website

Popular Features

Delegated Purchasing
Manage NetSuite Records, e.g., Projects, etc.
Login on
Behalf of
Show Sales Rep Information

Next steps. How to get your B2B Customer Portal

Minimum Requirements

You can get your B2B Portal if you’re using NetSuite ERP with any option of NetSuite’s eCommerce platforms: 

SuiteCommerce Advanced
SuiteCommerce My Account, regardless of version

What’s the process like

The implementation process is very similar to that of any website. However, there is no need to pick a Theme because your B2B Customer Portal will only be composed of a My Account section.

Once you’re ready, we will request your brand style guide and branding resources to start building your B2B Customer Portal, and you will then pick which features — native, or custom —you will like to add.

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Customers That Are Using B2B Portals

Our Customers Are Saying

Josh McKain, VP of Strategic Growth at Progressive Materials
VP of Strategy, Progressive Materials
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"Tavano Team developed a Customer Portal for our company with real-time ordering, inventory, and pricing. We’ve seen better ordering workflow, reduced time spent on incorrect orders, and good feedback from customers. Everyone in our organization was very happy with the project!"

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