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Enjoy these benefits

Tavano Team is a SuiteCommerce specialized agency and does not sell NetSuite licenses.
Build Customer Confidence

Add SuiteCommerce specialists into your sales process.

Pre-Packaged Solutions

Cost efficient website themes that look great and implement quickly (as fast as 3 days!)

Earn Ongoing Monthly Income

You can refer your customer or you can resell Tavano Team services.

Deliver Quality

Work with SuiteCommerce certified developers that have built hundreds of NetSuite websites.

Partners who trust us


Selling SuiteCommerce got easier!

Let’s start by simplifying how you sell SuiteCommerce licenses and projects.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we are here to help you throughout your entire sales process.

Collaboration between Tavano Team and partner
  1. Partner submits opportunity to Tavano Team
  2. Tavano Team gathers requirements, demoes SuiteCommerce to Partner’s client, and quotes Partner (or client)*
  3. Partner closes sale
* Partner can select resell Tavano services or simply refer client.
Sell with experts on board
It’s hard to keep up with SuiteCommerce and the industry overall. Simplify your selling process by letting SuiteCommerce experts help your sales team.
Complete your projects with ease
From themes source code to turn-key website implementation services, we have a solution for each one of your customers. Build confidence in your customer by adding experts.
Rely on the experts
Member of NetSuite’s Agency Program, our team has delivered hundreds of NetSuite websites and counts with SuiteCommerce certified developers on board.

Partnership With Benefits

Choose the business model you prefer. You can get involved or simply refer clients but one thing is certain – either way you’ll generate revenue on the side!

Refer a client to Tavano Team

If you prefer to not get involved in the nitty-gritty of an eCommerce project, we understand. Refer a client and earn an 8% revenue share for a theme or eCommerce project.

Resell an eCommerce theme

As a partner, when you resell our themes, you get discounted prices letting you room for higher profit margins as you sell to your clients. Partners get up to 40% discount on themes online price ($7,999 for source code, $16,000 for theme implementation, $28,000 for turn-key project).

Resell an eCommerce project

Custom design projects, website add-ons, customizations, and any other fixed bid project partners get a 15% discount on the list price. You can resell projects at the price you find most convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having helped many partners succeed since 2009, this partner program was designed with special focus on assisting partners on critical areas where we observed more help is required. If you have questions look below and if you don’t find your answer give us a call (201) 630-0300.

Yes. We have often used this model when partners would like all services to be delivered within their brand umbrella. This is applicable only when the partner chooses to resell Tavano Team’s services and solutions.

The main objective is to help our partners sell more and better. For this purpose, we have multiple great-looking themes to delight your clients and full SuiteCommerce demos that we present.

For SuiteCommerce themes —typically the starting point of a SuiteCommerce project — we offer different purchase plans: full turn-key implementation; theme implementation only; and theme source code – this menu covers any client need and budget. Finally, during the sales process, our SuiteCommerce experts will assess you and your client on any customization or extended functionality that needs to be developed.

We do meet with partners onsite, depending on the size of the project. In any case, rest assured that we have all the elements in place to help your team and client through virtual meetings.

There’s no solution in the market quicker than our SuiteCommerce themes — your client can have a full SuiteCommerce website implemented in only 3 days!

We’ve been doing SuiteCommerce for many years. NetSuite is the platform we specialize in and our experts have delivered hundreds of NetSuite websites. We’ve managed to streamline our implementation process to cater to NetSuite customers’ need for a quick implementation without c compromising the quality of the delivery. 

No, we don’t. And that’s exactly why it’s convenient to partner with us — there’s no conflict of interest!

Yes. We can scope the customizations part and deliver that part only through our SuiteCommerce developers.

Our partners are from all around the globe. Where there’s NetSuite, there’s Tavano Team.

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The Tavano Team Experience

We are an eCommerce agency that focuses on developing SuiteCommerce websites. Since 2009 we work with NetSuite Solution Providers, Systems Integrators, Accounting Firms, and other organizations selling NetSuite, helping them provide SuiteCommerce services and solutions to their clients.

What They’re Saying

Clients who trust us

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Our Partner program is designed for NetSuite’s Solution Providers, Systems Integrators, Accounting Firms, and any other organization selling NetSuite.

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