Migrating to SuiteCommerce: A Fresh Start for Axessorize

Location: Montréal, QC
Platform: SuiteCommerce
Growth Services: SEO
Category: B2B

Scope of Work


Upload Order File – This feature allows customers to easily add items to their shopping cart by uploading a CSV file listing the products they want to purchase.

Upload Order File by Location – Similar to the previous feature, this one also allows users to upload a CSV file to add items to their cart. However, it’s tailored for businesses with multiple Subcustomers under a main Customer group.

RMA portal – Customers can use this portal to request returns for items they’ve purchased.


Celebrating the individuality of style

Established in 2014 in Montreal, Canada, AXS quickly emerged as a premier brand in mobile accessories. AXS was born out of the necessity for diverse options in the mobile accessory industry.

They are committed to empowering their customers with innovative and adaptable accessories that seamlessly integrate into their lives. With a team boasting extensive industry experience, they consistently deliver high-quality products promptly, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

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