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Key SuiteCommerce Features
Mobile Friendly
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Up-Sell & Cross-Selling
Ratings & Reviews
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Saved For Later
Request A Quote
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Multi Currency
Quick Re-Order
Self-Service Portal
SEO Friendly
Contact Forms
Merchandising Zones
Auto-Suggest Search

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3. Add SuiteCommerce extensions

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Customer Segments

I was literally amazed at just how easy the experience was... The product that we got from Tavano Team, from a technical perspective is amazing! The Themes Express are such an easy way to get up and running with a highly branded store!

Halli WebbeCommerce Manager, Knot Genie

They followed through with everything that they said they were going to do and delivered in what I think is a pretty aggressive timeline, so we are extremely happy!

Nick StewartOperations Manager, Slingshot Sports

Tavano Team designed a website for us that is better than anything we have ever had! We are extremely pleased and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Cindy NovackPresident, Candles and Supplies

They have a very good workflow making sure everything is delivered on a timely manner and that someone is always giving you attention. We did like the step to step guide on exactly the colors, the images, the fields, the facets you need... everything from start to end!

Rohit BattaeCommerce Manager, Balaji Wireless