The 4 Most Valuable Findings Of B2B eCommerce

Our team had the pleasure to meet BigCommerce's amazing team, and we gave a talk about the present and future of B2B eCommerce. Read it here!

BigCommerce has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and we were there to see what the fuss is about. Just a few weeks ago, some representatives of our team flew to Austin, Texas, to meet one of our powerful partners.

We had the pleasure of exploring BigCommerce’s headquarters and meeting their great team, and we were even nominated for New Partner of the Year in the Americas. On top of that, our CEO Rodrigo Alonso was invited to talk about the 4 most valuable findings of B2B eCommerce. Here’s what he shared.

“I’ve noticed a few things lately in B2B eCommerce that I want to share with you. 

Digital transformation

First of all, B2B is going through a process of accelerated digital transformation. Until not too long ago, eCommerce used to be almost exclusively associated with B2C.

This evolution was inevitable, sure, but the pandemic forced the acceleration of this process (and continues to do), where all businesses needed to digitize their presence if they wanted to stay relevant.

Lots of B2B businesses had no choice but to adapt, and the eCommerce for B2B wave began to grow. But how do you explain this to traditional companies who are set in their old ways?

When we try to position eCommerce for B2B, we use the four most fundamental arguments:

–  The business will increase efficiencies

–  The business will sell more

–  Business is set up for strong scalability

–  Velocity. Optimized speed of operations (internal, external), sales, faster execution of marketing plans, faster results. 

More challenges arise when it’s time to implement an eCommerce operation, which brings me to the second finding: 

Processes before platform, always.

In eCommerce platforms, we should always prioritize benefits over features. You should adapt your processes to the platform you’re using and not the other way around. This adaptability will save business resources, time, energy, and money.

An eCommerce platform is a tool, and it’s your touch that will make the difference. Think about it this way: your B2B site can become your greatest salesperson, so you should invest time and thought into training it to get the results you want. 

One huge misconception that many B2B customers have is that they think you need to have an eCommerce website completely finished before going out into the world. Sometimes they come with long lists of requirements, features, and add-ons they want, but the truth is, most of the time, only 20% of those items are genuinely must-haves. 

This brings me to the third finding, and possibly the most important:

No finish line

It’s crucial to understand that there’s no such thing as a finished eCommerce website. It just doesn’t exist. Sorry!

The priority for a B2B business wanting or needing to build an eCommerce site is to push for an agile implementation, go live, and then start growing with the platform. 

Last but not least, we often forget that on both sides of an eCommerce operation, there are humans.

People come first

… And it’s crazy that we sometimes forget about this. 

You don’t sell to ACME Inc. You sell to Susan, ACME Inc. buyer, mother, wife, etc.

And eCommerce sites should cater to the people both inside and outside. Take the employees, for example. There’s a changing of the guard happening. Millennials are officially the largest workforce in the US, they are digitally native, and they expect a certain level of optimized digital experience. It’s also true that you cannot alienate GenXers and Boomers, so whatever new platform or tool you’re implementing, make sure you take all the necessary steps to create valuable material to train them and support them.

What about outside? The customers? We need to demystify the B2B customer. It’s no longer the old-school image we have in our minds. There is a whole new generation of B2B buyers that also need and expect a certain level of digital experience. 

As consultants, experts, and advisors, we have to help businesses with their human factor, too”.

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