BigCommerce’s Big News for 2022

BigCommerce has been having an eventful year so far. Are you considering BigCommerce for your eCommerce? You should. Find out the news here!

Have you considered using BigCommerce for your eCommerce business? After this, you might! 

This fast-growing eCommerce platform has gained particular attention in the eCommerce industry lately. Why? Let’s dive into the news!

Fast and steady

Firstly, BigCommerce recently announced the acquisition of B2B Ninja. This software functions as a quoting tool for eCommerce businesses, remaining flexible enough to fit each company’s unique needs. “B2B Ninja is a streamlined quoting app that allows your customers to easily build quotes from your storefront in just a few clicks. Sales reps can view, manage, and create quotes from a centralized dashboard—leaving more time for increased sales generation and better customer service”, explains its website.

It was founded in 2014 and partnered with BigCommerce for a while now. More than half a billion dollars worth of quotes were generated through B2B Ninja in just a few years.

Certainly, this is a big move for BigCommerce. In its path to becoming the world’s most potent B2B eCommerce platform, this addition allows them to deliver powerful functionality to its customers. BigCommerce’s CEO, Brent Bellm, said: 

“B2B Ninja is an excellent addition to our already strong B2B capabilities (…). We continue to invest in ways that make BigCommerce the best platform for merchants of all sizes regardless of who or where their customers are or where merchants are selling.”

The tool is now available to all BigCommerce users on any plan who aspire to enhance customer experience and easily manage quotes online.

A lovely recognition

Apart from this exciting news, BigCommerce has also recently received TrustRadius’ 2022 Most Loved Award.

Out of more than 800 categories and 25 thousand products, BigCommerce was recognized as one of the top 101 “Most Loved” software for 2022. This prize was given after a deep analysis of every review given in 2021.The most beloved products were determined by comparing mentions of “love” in all its (grammatical) forms to the total number of reviews received for each product”, explains BigCommerce. “Everything we do at BigCommerce is to serve our merchants and help them grow. This recognition shows that they are feeling the love from us, and our customer-first approach is having an impact.”, said its CEO, Brent Bellm.

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