Everything you Need to Know About Chatbots in 2022

Considering chatbots for your eCommerce? What are the pros and cons? Is it better than hiring real customer support employees? Find out here!

So, it’s 2022, and Chatbots are more advanced than ever. Clearly, the pandemic made it necessary to have 24/7 online help. Most eCommerce businesses had to deal with demand levels that they weren’t used to before all brick and mortar shops had to close temporarily, and now chatbots are here to stay.

Although they’ll never replace human interaction, when it comes to eCommerce, chatbots are very useful. Small businesses that can’t yet afford to hire staff to answer questions online can benefit from a chatbot to handle the easy cases. Plus, if you’re using a chatbot, you have total control over what’s being said to your customers. You’ll be the one to program what the bot will say to them, ensuring there are no mistakes or rude interactions in that area.

Commercial chatbots are a way for brands to represent themselves in a friendly way to the consumer. They can answer simple questions, provide links to websites with more information, and introduce the user to products and services during the course of the conversation.

How do they work? Natural language processing, or NLP for short. It enables computer programs to parse human language and respond in a grammatically correct fashion. All of this while keeping track of the surrounding context so that the information provided is relevant to the user. Of course, according to some keywords or generic questions you tend to receive, you’ll preset the answers you wish the bot gives. If the question is too complex or unexpected, the bot can send the customer to an actual employee that will give them answers.

Using chatbots to drive knowledge gathering

The amazing advances in chatbot technology have made it easy for brands to interact with their audience. Also, it allows them to gather information crucial to strategic planning!

Customers’ conversations with the chatbot can lead to a wealth of analytics on consumers’ desires and needs. Through analyzing the information gained through the medium of conversation, you can easily get an inside peek into how well you’re serving your audience, which information you need to be more clear about from the start and where you can pivot to keep your position in their minds.

Here are some stats about chatbots that will blow your mind!

  • 41.3% of consumers use conversational marketing tools for purchases. 
  • The average satisfaction rate of bot-only chats is 87.58%. This is almost two percentage points higher than the satisfaction rate for chats that get passed over to human agents.
  • Chatbot eCommerce transactions are projected to amount to $112 billion by 2023.
  • Chatbots can save businesses as much as 30% on customer support costs.

If we’ve convinced you to give chatbots a chance, here are some platforms that are compatible with NetSuite: Live Chat, Live Person, Zendesk. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts for more information and recommendations if you want to try it for your eCommerce!

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