Top SuiteCommerce Extensions for 2022

Is your SuiteCommerce site ready to thrive in 2022? Here's some must-have extensions your website might be lacking!

2022 is here. eCommerce keeps growing every day, and along with our SuiteCommerce Developers, we want to introduce you to our picks for top SuiteCommerce extensions for the year. 

Our experts have gathered the 6 extensions they love the most! Here they are:


First, of our top SuiteCommerce extensions, we have the Infinite Scroll. This well-known extension loads content continuously as users scroll down the page, eliminating the need for pagination. 

This extension allows users to view items on the Product Listings page (PLP) easily and efficiently, ultimately encouraging sales. With the optional auto-scroll feature, you can choose whether users need to click a button to show more content or continue to scroll as new products are automatically loaded onto the page.


Then, we have the Blog extension. This one simply lets you create blog posts for your website. You can add posts with images, include post excerpts, and organize them with categories and tags. This will allow you to go beyond product selling, and offer something different to your customers. You can make posts about the benefits of products you’re really passionate about, or maybe offer inspiration and examples on how to use them.

You can create a blog spotlight to highlight selected posts on additional areas of your site. Use an RSS feed to increase customer interaction with your blog and enable JSON-LD to improve search engine optimization.

Tip: You can add a menu item to your website so that users can visit the blog directly using site navigation. To add a menu item for the blog, go to Commerce > Websites > Configuration. In the Layout tab, Navigation subtab, set the fields to create a blog menu item.


The Grid Order extension lets you set up matrix items to display purchasing options in a table on the Product Details page (PDP).

When you activate this extension, you configure items to use Grid Order. These items display purchasing options in a tabular format in place of the standard experience. This view is ideal for customers who require buying several variations of an item (size, quantity, color, etc).


The Item Badges extension lets you display promotional badges on a product. Item Badges appear on the Product Details and Product Listings pages, as well as in image carousels. You can use these to promote certain products to users by choosing the label, shape, and size of the badge. This is super effective when it comes to catching the customer’s attention: a colorful badge will make the product stand out from the crowd. And who can resist a sale?


The SuiteCommerce Product Comparison extension lets users see a side-by-side comparison of web store items. Users can select up to four products to compare at one time and can use the information to make a quicker and easier purchasing decision. You can configure the comparison page and select the item fields to include in the comparison table. Facilitating this step for the customer will be for sure appreciated!


The Stock Notifications extension lets users sign up for an email notification alerting them when an out-of-stock item again becomes available. If enabled, users see a stock notification option on the Product Details pages. Logged in users can visit the Stock Notifications tab of their My Account page to view details of the items to which they are subscribed, the notification statuses, and the option to cancel a notification. Few things are worse in eCommerce than finally deciding to buy a product and finding out it’s out of stock. But this doesn’t have to mean you simply lose that client. Activate the stock notifications so that clients can eventually get their products! 

Set Up the Stock Notifications Email Template: After installing the Stock Notifications bundle, create the email template used to notify users that their item is back in stock. You must create an email template in order for the extension to work. 

Those are our favorite SuiteCommerce Extensions for 2022! Are you using them already?

Contact our team to find out more about how to better your SuiteCommerce site and boost your sales!

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