The Faces of Growth: Growth Coordination by Pia Raggio


At Tavano Team, we’ve grown to focus a lot on what happens after we build an eCommerce website.

How can we help the business grow after the online store is live? How can we get the most out of it? That’s where our Growth Team comes to play. And for a growth strategy to work effectively, someone needs to ensure everything works towards the same path.

A perfect Growth strategy

Pia Raggio, 31, is our Growth Account Representative, and she describes her role as something similar to an orchestra conductor. “I sync and coordinate the Growth disciplines and other departments within the company to deliver the Growth Services and other initiatives. I make sure certain pieces of the puzzle are moved in certain directions to get things done in a timely manner for our clients and our company’s best interest.”

Our Growth team grows every day (forgive the redundancy), and the many services we provide — UX, social media, paid media, business intelligence, SEO, email marketing, and more — need to be coordinated towards specific goals for each company we work with, and of course, explained and communicated to our clients simply and effectively.

Pia has been working at Tavano Team for almost two years. “I like bringing teams and initiatives together. I like inspiring clients on their potential – that motivates me a lot. When I see we have done an initiative about our client’s undiscovered segment of customers or how they can look into changing a specific way of targeting their current customers in the funnel, I’m exhilarated to show the client,” she explains.

Our growth services have brought ROIs of up to 72:1 to our customers. Apart from each service individually, talking to Pia about what your eCommerce business might need could open new doors and possibilities: “we can help eCommerce companies grow mainly by starting conversations that lead to questioning the status quo and discovering and/or reinventing strategies and tactics.”

As account representative and coordinator, Pia is behind every customer, making sure results are delivered on time. “I’ve seen the impact in short-term and long-term forms. For example, conversations with our UX team where we understand the company’s customers and suggest changes that lead to a better website experience and can lead to higher conversions. Another example is by including Email into your funnel, which brings additional revenue generated with automated flows. These are subtle yet thought-through changes.”

Why should you give it a try? “Since you might be surprised (and hopefully inspired) by what you discover!” says Pia.

Contact our team to find out which services might appeal to your NetSuite-powered business for a perfect growth strategy! 

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