What’s New in Klaviyo: their Best Recent Updates


One of the leading email and SMS marketing platforms, Klaviyo, has been continuously delivering new products, features, services, and partnerships. We’ve already talked about their recent collaboration with Shopify, which we’re still very excited about. However, some more Klaviyo updates have been catching our attention.

As you might already know, we recommend Klaviyo as the go-to email and sms platform for eCommerce merchants that are running on NetSuite. There are already plenty of reasons why we partnered with them, but they keep on giving us more and more! 

So today, we share some of Klaviyo’s recent updates from the last few months that we’re excited to try.

More personalization

Personalization in email marketing is important. Well, more than just important, it is necessary. Today’s customers expect companies to deliver personalized content that applies to their personal experiences, needs, and interests. Klaviyo, of course, knows this well. 

They have now made it possible to include coupons on forms, which might come in handy when trying to drive customers into making their first purchase. As Klaviyo states on their website: “we’ve upgraded our form capabilities to now include static or unique coupon codes in the success message of forms, which customers can copy in one step, making their first purchase with you even easier.” Amazing right?

Also, they’ve enhanced their A/B testing capabilities on flow emails to gather more data and see more precise results: “Now, you can automatically select test winners, view deeper analytics into your historical performance, or select an end date for your test if you need your data by a certain date.”

Apart from that, a new integration (one of many, more down below) also makes personalization easier now: the new integration with Searchspring “makes it simple to drop custom shopping recommendations right into your email campaigns, helping customers find just what they’re looking for — and giving them a convenient shopping experience that will keep them coming back.”

New integrations

Hear this: new bonds with platforms like Sezzle (a payments platform that provides consumers with interest-free financing towards purchases), Rebuy (an omnichannel personalization platform that’s redefining data-powered shopping experiences), Nuvemshop (Central and South America eCommerce platform), Limespot, Searchspring and Supermetrics (a data pipeline tool that lets you move data to your go-to reporting, analytics, and storage platform) have made the Klaviyo ecosystem stronger and better.

Having the option to integrate these and many more platforms into Klaviyo will help you get better results on so many levels!

SMS getting stronger

Two-way messaging and one-on-one conversations with your clients via SMS were already available in the US and Canada. Fortunately, it is now an option for subscribers based in the United Kingdom and Australia as well! “After setting up a long code, brands can receive and respond to real text messages from customers in Klaviyo, or using integrations with Gorgias and Zendesk to turn texts into support tickets,” as explained on Klaviyo’s blog.

Lastly, an upgraded integration with LimeSpot now makes it easier to create hyper-targeted SMS campaigns that can introduce your audience to products they’ll likely be interested in!

As you can see, Klaviyo’s serious about their business: we admire a company that’s constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve.

Read more about Klaviyo’s July and August updates. Contact our experts to integrate Klaviyo into your eCommerce strategy and for more info on our Klaviyo-NetSuite Integration.

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