Why SMS Marketing and Why Klaviyo?


There are many ways to advertise your online business, and we know having that many options can be a little too much. 

We have already talked about email marketing many times in our blog, and as Klaviyo partners, we’ve seen how it has driven major growth for many online businesses. However, we have yet to talk about another feature of Klaviyo that could do wonders for your eCommerce: SMS.

That’s right. Klaviyo also works as an SMS marketing platform, and today we’ll tell you why you should give it a try – and why combining it with your email marketing strategy could make growth dreams come true. Let’s dive in!


It’s pretty simple: shoppers want options. As online shoppers, we want to choose how we interact with a brand. So why not offer many options to your clients? On top of that, more and more clients are choosing to interact with their favorite brands via text. According to Klaviyo statistics, 75% of consumers are open to receiving text messages from brands that they care about.

Another great reason to use SMS is that it can be used as a two-way communication channel. Texting can be faster than email at times, and it might generate a more fluid conversation with your clients, which they will surely appreciate.


Even if email continues to be the majority’s channel of choice to receive brand messages and offers, we strongly advise combining it with a unique SMS strategy. For instance, it has been proven that flows like cart-recovery or welcome messages work better when combined in different channels. 

Also, offering different content or special discounts for every channel might want to persuade a client into choosing both options! So, please, get creative: don’t simply replicate your content on every channel, because that might get too repetitive and intrusive for your audience. Make your SMS subscribers feel VIP for choosing both options! Give them something different!


Now, let’s talk about the platform itself. Over 8,000 brands use email and SMS together in Klaviyo. This platform offers a few features that can save a newbie’s life, for example, it offers flow templates for both email and SMS created by marketing experts, and you can even get help and content ideas from eCommerce and SMS experts at Klaviyo

Apart from this, Klaviyo’s database allows you to personalize your messages to make them more meaningful and attention-grabbing: add a client’s name in your texts, talk about their past orders or browse history, get them coupon codes for stuff they liked, and more. 

Another feature we love is the A/B testing. We don’t always know what’s gonna work best, and Klaviyo can help a bit with that: it gives us the chance to send two SMS options to a portion of our audience, see which one works better, and then send the winning option to the rest! This will ensure higher conversion rates!

On top of this, Klaviyo can ensure SMS compliance so that you don’t have to worry about that. The platform will only send to consented profiles, collect explicit consent and ensure you’re following compliance regulations and staying out of trouble.

Last but not least, Klaviyo offers analytics that will help you keep growing and bettering your strategy. You’ll be able to see subscriber growth, campaign and flow performance, cross-channel performance, and more. All in one place!

As we mentioned, we are Klaviyo advisors and our team of experts can help you build a perfect strategy for your business! And a friendly reminder, NetSuite’s email marketing platform Bronto will only work until May 31st. Still looking for an alternative? We have a Klaviyo – NetSuite integration that will integrate both platforms seamlessly! Contact us today to have it installed in as fast as seven days!

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