5 Essential Customer Emails You Need to Design Today


In a climate of ever-increasing competition, you must differentiate your website from your competitors by improving customer engagement. Email marketing campaigns and customer emails are a great differentiator tool to increase engagement and conversions. Here are 5 essential types of emails that can put your online business ahead of your competitors.

1) The Welcome Email

This is your opportunity to put your best foot forward. Customers like to feel like informed shoppers, so let your new email subscribers know what your company is about. This is where you feature a sampling of your product. Perhaps you sell clothing. Feature a happy — and smartly-dressed — couple and include a clear message: “You need this look”. The key here is to include a link to your latest and greatest product. You are appealing to your new audience, and you want them to be drawn back to your website. You could even offer a small discount for their first purchase. Everyone loves a sale.


2) The “Oops! You Forgot Something” Email: 

Cart abandonment is usually a missed opportunity. These are items that have caught a customer’s attention. Your client could have left you hanging for a variety of reasons. Maybe the item is a little more than they wanted to spend, or perhaps the consumer’s boss walked up behind them while they were not supposed to be shopping online! Whatever the reason may be, gently remind your shoppers that they liked your product through email communication. Again, provide a link back to your shopping cart. This little nudge will surely boost your sales figures.


3) Improved Transactional Emails: 

Through NetSuite, you might be sending order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails. Take these basic communications to the next level by incorporating a few tweaks. Any email correspondence you send out should have an image of your featured products and a link back to your site. You want your customers to have easy access to your goods and to be tempted to return for purchases. In these confirmation emails, you should also include a tracking number and any important shipping details. Consumers like to feel like they have control, and if you put the tracking information in their hands, you allow them to monitor the progress of your shipment. This gives the perception of a better customer service experience, which differentiates you from your competitors.


4) Post-Sale Promotion Email

Let your customers know you appreciate their business by following up with a Thank You email. It’s just good manners — and a great opportunity to drive repeat sales. Include a message that says “Customers like you also enjoy…” and draw them back to items they might also like to purchase. You should also ask them if they liked the product to make sure they know you care about their opinion and let them leave a review if they want to. 

5) Social Media Invitation Email

Does your website have a blog? Social media is a great tool to gain new potential customers. Hashtags reign supreme and consumers connect via Instagram pages and Facebook links. Send an email asking your customers to connect with you to see the latest and greatest new product lines. Use these avenues to offer exclusive promotions and to gain customer reviews. You will see a surge in your online presence and grow your sales at the same time.

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