SuiteWorld 2023: the Highlights you Can’t Miss


So, we already covered the basics of SuiteWorld 2023 a few weeks ago: what is it, when and where it’s going down, and what we can expect from it. 

Today, as promised, we bring you the latest updates on the biggest Oracle NetSuite event of the year, that only a month and a half away now! Are you ready?

The Program

First thing’s first, here’s the program of the event: 

As you can see, time to network with industry peers and experts will not lack: Apart from the Welcome Reception on Monday, there will be an Industry Reception at the end of the day on Tuesday, and of course, the classic SuiteWorld party on Wednesday, which on this occasion will be 1998 themed, since the company is turning 25 this year! Get your 90s outfit ready.

The Highlights

We now know some of the highlights of the event and they’re very promising: For starters, the opening keynote of the event will happen on the morning of Tuesday, and the main speaker will be Evan Goldberg, one of NetSuite’s co-founders and now Executive Vice President of the Global Business Unit. You can expect some amazing insights on how to elevate your NetSuite usage from him!

Also, different breakout sessions, workshops, and keynotes will take place, where you’ll get a hint of what’s new and what’s next in the industry, with NetSuite experts and other industry leaders sharing their knowledge. 

There will be over 200 sessions available for those who can attend the event and 76 for those who will tune in to the online version. Not bad! You can choose the ones you want to attend depending on your level of experience, your product area, your business vertical, and your role in your company. Breakout Sessions are a great opportunity for NetSuite users to learn how to get the most out of the platform from experts and reach new levels of expertise that will make a great impact on your work life. Check out the session catalog here!

We’ll get back to you with more updates and details about SuiteWorld 2023. In the meantime, to clear any doubts about NetSuite and how it can boost your eCommerce business, do not hesitate to contact our team of NetSuite eCommerce experts today!

If you’re going to SuiteWorld too and you are looking to explore new possibilities within the NetSuite eCommerce world, let us know so we can meet there!

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