medicinal genomics

Cannabis genetics pioneer migrates to SuiteCommerce

Location: Woburn, MA
Platform: SuiteCommerce
Growth Services: Business Intelligence / SEO
Category: B2B2C

Scope of Work


Migration from Site Builder to SuiteCommerce, Website Design and Development, SEO Services, UX Services.

Results and Outcomes

Unmatched knowledge and experience

When it comes to cannabis genetics and microbial detection, Medicinal Genomics is in a class of its own. Medicinal Genomics was born from Courtagen Life Sciences, a CLIA certified genetics testing laboratory that specialized in identifying rare pediatric neurological conditions.

Chief Science Officer, Kevin McKernan, worked on the Human Genome Project and was the first scientist to sequence the Cannabis genome. Medicinal Genomics offers DNA-based solutions for safety testing, marker-assisted selection, and pathogen detection.

The team also offers a cannabis genome sequencing service to growers, as well as a number tests that can be used for marker-selection breeding.

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