SCA version update with mobile optimization for digital thermometer manufacturer and distributor
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"There's been nothing that we wanted to do on the site or with eCommerce that Tavano has not been able to help us achieve. They're at the top of the industry."
Tom Fisher
Executive Vice President

Streamlining eCommerce Operations

ThermoWorks is a world-class temperature instrumentation manufacturer that specializes in consumer and commercial products in virtually every industry.

They came to Tavano Team looking for help to update their existing site and to make the most of NetSuite’s merchandising capabilities.

Laying the groundwork

1. SuiteCommerce Advanced Migration

Upon arrival, Thermoworks’s site was on a pre-Denali SuiteCommerce architecture. We helped them with its maintenance, and one year later, we migrated them to SuiteCommerce Advanced Elbrus.

2. Custom Merchandising Features

Custom merchandising features such as the Post-Add-to-Cart Cross-sell Modal, Free-Item Promotion, Address Validation and Time-in-Transit (integration with FedEx), help simplify the buyer journey.

3. Conversion Optimization

After an in-depth UX diagnostic, our experts laid out corrections and best practices to implement right away, improving customer experience and optimizing conversions.

Mobile UX Optimization

Improving the mobile version was a critical part of this project. We solved all the UX glitches that were blocking users from having a good experience, and their website is now highly optimized for mobile conversions.
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