Shopify’s Latest Social Media Tool: LinkPop


Have you heard the news? Just yesterday, Shopify announced a new “link in bio” tool called LinkPop

We all know what “link in bio” means (if not, check your socials). But this new tool goes a bit beyond the rest. Apart from doing the usual – sharing multiple links – it allows the user to sell their products directly from Linkpop. This means there’s no need to drive the customers to another website for them to purchase. Pretty cool, right? This simply saves time to the buyer which, we all know, is always a good thing.

According to what Shopify announced on Twitter, it will allow its users to share content, sell more products, and analyze data to increase sales. This product is aimed at both online merchants and content creators. 

Shopify claims this tool is not only simple to use but also very flexible, so it adapts with different types of users, businesses, and products. Plus, it ensures a safe checkout process since it’s the same used for Shopify websites.

This tool is free to use for anyone, with no need to be a Shopify merchant. However, the shoppable links are indeed only available for Shopify users.

“LinkPop allows merchants to store all of their brand-building touchpoints in one place and sell directly from their link-in-bio page, making it easier than ever to turn followers into buyers and brand advocates,” Shopify director of product Amir Kabbara said to Modern Retail. “Linkpop was created with commerce in mind, meaning that merchants and creators can use Linkpop to launch social storefronts across the platforms they’ve already been using to build followings.”

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