Big Integrations for BigCommerce Merchants, by BigSynapps.


As an eCommerce owner, once you find your perfect ecosystem – with all the platforms that work just perfectly for you – the next big step is to integrate them for everything to run smoothly.

But integrations within different platforms can be complicated. Particularly in eCommerce, everything needs to be perfectly set to make sure no information – or customers – are lost in the way.

As BigCommerce partners, one of our goals is to make BigCommerce merchants’ eCommerce experience the best it can be. That’s why we created BigSynapps: purpose-built solutions for your BigCommerce ecosystem.

Our first product was our BigCommerce B2B Edition to NetSuite connector. If you’re a B2B merchant using both NetSuite and BigCommerce to power your eCommerce business, we promise, this one will fit like a glove. Sync and integrate all your information deeply and fully between both platforms to achieve a direct and smooth connection and real-time data sync, without a third-party iPaaS solution. 

Secondly, we created a BigCommerce to NetSuite connector: a specific and tailored, high-performing solution for integrating BigCommerce with NetSuite, created by NetSuite and BigCommerce experts. 

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B merchant operating your storefront in BigCommerce, you can now integrate it with your NetSuite ERP tightly and seamlessly, to get your business working as smoothly as can be.

Each app, platform, and service you use is an essential piece of your eCommerce ecosystem. We know that. This is why BigSynapps will continue to create solutions that will make your job easier.

Visit the BigSynapps website for more information on its BigCommerce integrations.

Contact our experts for any BigCommerce doubts and questions you may have.

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