BigCommerce Acquires Bundle B2B


Here’s some news: a few weeks ago, BigCommerce made a new move towards its goal of becoming the most powerful B2B eCommerce platform out there. We can say they’re surely getting close, if not there already. This time, BigCommerce acquired its long-time partner Bundle B2B, after having acquired B2B Ninja recently.

Bundle B2B offers “core capabilities that allow users to easily manage front-end and back-end B2B processes”, according to their website.

The company was created specifically for B2B merchants of BigCommerce,  “coupling existing enterprise-focused capabilities with advanced, easily configurable B2B functionality that saves time, automates manual processes, and shortens sales cycles”, explained BigCommerce

BigCommerce worked closely with Bundle B2B to deliver “BigCommerce B2B Edition”. This refers to an advanced suite of B2B functionalities that has experienced significant growth since its launch in June 2021.

BigCommerce has been making various moves to up its game and become a pioneer in B2B eCommerce. This is a bet they’re making, since the B2B eCommerce market is projected to hit $25.65 trillion by 2028, expanding at more than 18% annually.

The truth is, these recent upgrades the platform has been making towards polishing its offer for B2B businesses are making them be a stronger competitor against really popular platforms like Shopify.

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