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Social media is a whole world to explore — and there’s never a shortage of social media apps to combine with your NetSuite eCommerce business to reach your audiences and increase conversions. It can be overwhelming to keep up with the new crop of platforms and decide if they’re appropriate for your eCommerce.

Today, we’ve pinpointed five social media apps you should consider trying out. Read on!

1 . Telegram

Telegram is a messaging platform that has continuously been on the rise. Even more so, starting January 2021, when rising concerns over WhatsApp’s security and encryption reached a boiling point as the app asked its users to share their data with Facebook. Since then, Telegram has surpassed 500 million active users, strengthening its reputation as the more secure application, especially for those in business. Many businesses are using Telegram resting assured that their conversations will be safe from prying, unknown eyes. 

It’s also a high engagement platform, with a view rate of 20% — Instagram and Facebook have 3% and 4% each. This is an essential factor to consider when marketing your eCommerce business, as your aim is always to reach the maximum number of people possible. That is a fact with this app, which has no group size limit. Some groups on Telegram have more than 1 million followers. It lets you unleash your full potential to tap into these users and increase the reach of your biz. 

2 . Clubhouse

This new voice chat-based social media app is making waves in the tech world! In this platform, users can join different chat rooms on a wide range of topics. The remarkable thing about these chat rooms is the conversations are audio-only, and when they finish, they disappear — forever!

Clubhouse is designed to feel like a party. Just like at any real social event, users can start off talking in the main room with other people the break into smaller rooms for their side conversations. This might feel like hell for those who hate voice notes, but it’s heaven for eCommerce marketers – this app has quickly made headlines for the people who have used it: from Oprah to Ashton Kutcher, tech industry movers frequent it and shakers… and world-known celebs. 

And if you don’t feel enough FOMO already… nothing is saved on the app. Be there, or miss the conversation! Make a splash in your eCommerce business by joining the Clubhouse world before it’s mainstream.

3 . Adioma

Finally, an infographic app that eCommerce businesses need. And it’s user friendly! Adioma is perfect for companies that may be tight on in-house graphic design resources — or don’t have any. The best part is that Adioma adapts its infographic design to the data you want to market.

If you like using infographics to attract users to your sites and other content platforms, Adioma may be a solid fit for your visual and data marketing needs.

4 . Paste

Paste is a free presentation-building tool that allows you to create visually appealing, streamlined, collaborative presentations and share them with your team. It’s a great alternative to PowerPoint, and it formats multimedia content such as screenshots, or videos. It links automatically, creating easy, eye-catching slideshows that are aesthetically pleasing and have great flow. 

It can also integrate with Slack to share your projects with your team and comment on others’ presentations as well. 

5 . Otter

Have you been struggling with taking notes during long business meetings? Well, struggle no more. Otter is a free app that creates real-time transcription using automatic speech recognition (ASR), processing, and transcribing conversations in real-time. It’s ideal for creating written records of discussions, interviews, or meetings, freeing your team from taking down notes. 

You can edit the result in the app, too. Still, you won’t have to worry any longer about flimsy or incomprehensible blabbering. Otter automatically adds punctuation and distinguishes between individual speakers in the text. Now you can *finally* listen to what your colleagues are saying!

Social media apps are invaluable for your eCommerce business’ growth and that of your team. Contact our NetSuite Commerce experts today and schedule a strategy call on the best social media apps for your business.