The Faces of Growth: Paid Media by Romina Pirotto and Ignacio Horne

The Faces-of-Growth-Paid media--by-Romina-Pirotto-and-Ignacio-Horne

Let’s be direct: if you’re an eCommerce owner and you’re not doing paid media, you’re leaving money on the table. Although we’d all love our social media to be completely organic and just sit back and watch customers convert, that’s just not realistic.

Undeniably, eCommerce keeps growing every day. Millions of stores are now online, and the competition has gotten serious. Markedly, if you want to stand out, you need a good ad strategy. That’s where digital advertising experts come to the rescue.

Paid Media for eCommerce

Romina Pirotto and Ignacio Horne came to work at Tavano Team in December 2019 as part of our Growth team. They’re our PPC consultants, specializing in pay-per-click and paid media campaigns on every online platform (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.!) “We are 100% focused on performance – meaning that we measure our success in your business’ sales and ROI.” 

In a world where 60% of its population uses social media, we can confidently say that you simply can’t thrive without advertising your business online. Here you have some proof:

  • 44% of users shop for products on Instagram weekly
  • Linkedin ad revenue recently exceeded $1 billion in 2021, growing by 37%.
  • Facebook is responsible for a quarter of all digital ad spending (25%) versus Google (28.9%), Amazon (10.3%), and others (35.6%) in 2020 alone.

Should you try it?

Romina and Ignacio have mastered the art of digital marketing, reaching ROIs of over 14:1 for our clients. “We have worked with businesses in all stages of their lifecycle and seen them scale their online sales in their current markets and niches and even on new ones. We have helped businesses reach different goals: from online presence, followers, and owned audiences; to sales, new customers, AOV, order frequency, and ROI.”

Also, they claim that one of the benefits of paid media marketing is that the results are easy to calculate. You can always use that information to track your next moves and see where it can be improved according to the different goals: “Any kind of business (B2B, B2C), from any niche in any market, and in any part of their lifecycle can benefit from digital advertising. Whether it’s to reach a wider audience or connect on a deeper level with their current customers, digital advertising can help to increase sales and ROI”.

Lastly, Romina and Ignacio claim to love being a part of the online strategy of their clients, from communication details to investment tactics. “We enjoy working with the inputs of all the different parts of our Growth team and bringing them together into the creation and implementation of winning digital advertising strategies.”

How did that sound? Contact our digital marketing experts today to get started on paid media for eCommerce and scale your business to a new level.

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