SuiteWorld 2022: What Else Do We Know?


NetSuite’s biggest event of the year is approaching, and we are excited about it! We already told you a few weeks ago all the information we had about SuiteWorld 2022 so far. 

Now, new updates are available about SuiteWorld 2022! Here’s what’s new:

There is a virtual option for those considering NetSuite, who aren’t customers yet, to attend certain sessions. This option is completely free, and you can register for it here.

For those who are NetSuite users already but can’t make it to Las Vegas, there’s still the option “SuiteWorld on Air” for 195$, and we already have the agenda for it! Want to see it? 

The highlights for SuiteWorld on Air are the following: 

– NetSuite TV (“Tune in for our live broadcast featuring executive keynotes, in-depth interviews, product discussions, highlights from the expo floor, and more!”)
– Online sessions that are designed specifically for SuiteWorld On Air attendees live and on-demand in 20-to-30-minute session blocks.
– Product demos and one on one sessions with NetSuite product and services experts.
– Networking with other On Air attendees but also with the ones who are going to Las Vegas.
– Live digital NetSuite training sessions.
– UX lab, where you can participate in the design of the next generation NetSuite products.

As you can see, the virtual version of the event is quite worthy of attending as well, with a lot of unique valuable content and training for any NetSuite user who wants to upgrade their level.

On the other hand, we also have the agenda of the live event in case you’re planning to assist. The SuiteWorld 2022 session catalog launches in August, so we’ll get back to you when we have more information about it!

We recommend you register for the event before the prices go up on September 9.

If you’re lucky to attend the live event in Las Vegas, contact us! We’ll be there as well and would love to connect with you and your business for potential partnerships.

You can also contact our NetSuite developers to find out how we can help optimize your eCommerce business today!

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