BigCommerce and Bolt Join Forces


A few weeks ago, BigCommerce announced some news that for sure made online shoppers happy. They’re now partners with Bolt, a shopper network that will allow all BigCommerce merchants to offer secure and fast one-click checkout.

What is Bolt?

Bolt was founded in 2014. Its initial goal was setting a new standard for eCommerce, and they now work with more than 250 retailers. 

It allows online shoppers to save their checkout information to then be able to checkout fast and easy at any online store that works with Bolt. This means shoppers won’t need to enter their private information on many different websites every time. 

Plus, Bolt has more than 160 pre-built integrations with payment processors, alternative payment methods, tax, shipping, back-office ERP, and more. This makes it very convenient for its users.

The Benefits

It has been proven that 70% of purchases are abandoned at checkout and that the one-click checkout can increase conversions by up to 53%.

BigCommerce and Bolt working together will benefit not only the clients but also the merchants. By adding to an easy-going and user-friendly online shopping experience, Bolt helps satisfy customers and therefore, grow conversions.

This is just one more step that BigCommerce is taking towards continuing to become one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms out there nowadays. We are excited to see what they come up with next!

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