SuiteCommerce Advanced vs BigCommerce: Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform


Choosing an eCommerce platform that will fit your business needs and give you space to grow can be hard when you’re new to the industry. Today, we analyze the pros and cons of SuiteCommerce Advanced vs BigCommerce: we have been working with these leading eCommerce platforms for years and we are partners with both of them, so we can help you make the right decision for your particular case.

Now, let’s compare SuiteCommerce Advanced (or SCA, NetSuite’s eCommerce platform) and BigCommerce, also a very popular option, to clear your doubts about these two.

Both BigCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced have small, mid-size, and large businesses as customers, although BigCommerce is more open to freelancers. Here are the main differences.

SuiteCommerce Advanced vs BigCommerce


When it comes to pricing and scalability, SCA’s implementation cost is as personalized as the final result. You won’t pay for features you won’t use.

For BigCommerce, there’s a fixed price for every plan, which simplifies the scaling process by adding bundles of features at each level. Their enterprise pricing is based on order volume too.


Going global is a common goal in eCommerce: selling online allows you to reach almost everyone in the world. To choose the right platform, you might want to keep this in mind.

SuiteCommerce Advanced has an Extensive Global Tool package, with substantial language capabilities and other useful resources to help you reach a wider audience.

In the case of BigCommerce, it is extremely solid for single-language sites or businesses that do not require operations in a large number of languages. If you’re planning to mainly use English and/or add just a few more languages, BigCommerce is a great choice. However, multi-language on BigCommerce is possible by utilizing headless.


Connecting your storefront with your ERP is pretty essential to grow and optimize your business. SCA, being a NetSuite platform, works seamlessly with other NetSuite products, obviously.

BigCommerce does not require a particular business management software in order to function, which can be a big pro. We do recommend integrating it with your NetSuite ERP to make sure you’re reaching maximum potential in both platforms, and you can do that with third-party connectors or our BigCommerce-NetSuite connector that doesn’t require iPaaS solutions. This, of course, implies an extra cost.


Usability is obviously important. You might not count with IT experts just yet, and you definitely want a platform you can learn to manage by yourself.  

SCA is easy to understand once you get the hang of it, although it can be hard to understand at first, which is why we have lots of tutorials on our YouTube channel that will help you get started.

BigCommerce can take a bit more time to manage. Still, it’s not rocket science and there’s more and more material online every day. You can also contact our BC experts whenever in case you need any help!


When it comes to devices from where you can manage your store, SCA is only web-based. Which means you can only handle it from a computer.

BigCommerce, however, is available on different devices — web-based, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, Mac. This makes it easier for you to make any quick changes to your store from any device.

It’s in your hands to choose the perfect platform for your business. In case you still need more information, here you have some more details on SuiteCommerce and BigCommerce. And you can of course contact our SuiteCommerce developers and our BigCommerce experts for further assistance in making the right decision and getting started building the eCommerce website of your dreams.


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