Klaviyo’s New Features for 2023


Klaviyo’s latest features report is here and we are super excited: let’s discover some of the newest features that our favorite email and SMS marketing platform has to offer this year.

If you’re still on the fence about trying Klaviyo, here are 7 reasons why Klaviyo might be just the perfect platform to grow your eCommerce business.

Now, let’s see some of their best recent features and how they can benefit your marketing efforts to achieve better results.

1 – SMS assistant

As we all know, Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. Klaviyo knows it too! Their new SMS assistant will help you write the perfect text messages for your audience, fast and easy. According to Klaviyo’s website: “trained on millions of high-performing texts, the SMS assistant writes copy that converts”. Just type in descriptions about your product and offer, select the campaign type you want, and let the magic happen! Definitely worth a try.

2 – SMS A/B testing in flows 

A/B testing is an essential part of email and SMS marketing, to discover exactly what works for your audience – copy, emojis, images, videos, you name it. Everything can — and should! — be tested. Let Klaviyo do the work and automatically select the statistically significant winner and switch to only that variation. You can easily view the status and results of any test at any time!

3 – Quick Search 

A small change can make a big difference. You can now use the search bar not only for profile data, but also to look for campaigns, flows, forms, lists, and segments — making it that much easier for you to find old references and campaign data, and saving you lots of time.

4 – Archived flows 

Flows are the key to a personalized email marketing strategy: they will allow you to send the right email to the right customer, at the right time, according to their actions on your website. You now have the option to archive flows that you aren’t currently using, without having to delete them so you don’t lose the data: declutter your account, keeping only the relevant items visible, all while keeping your data still accessible.

5 – Better form setups

Forms are a big part of any eCommerce business, and Klaviyo makes sure to make them as efficient as possible. You can now build full-page forms to grab the attention of your audience, customize the sign-up forms to fit different devices perfectly and create scheduled forms where you can now set up a specific duration, beginning and ending time, without having to worry about manually turning it off and on and avoiding all possible confusions.

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