The Faces of Growth: SEO for eCommerce by Maia Caffarena and Milos Mudric


As you probably know, SEO is pretty up there regarding NetSuite eCommerce Growth. In case you’re not familiar with it, Search Engine Optimization is what makes your website rank higher on the results page, which leads to more visitors, so, more potential customers. 

SEO in eCommerce

It is known that 44% of people start their online shopping with a search engine and that more than two-thirds of all clicks on Search Engine Result Pages go to the top five results. So, it’s pretty evident that SEO is critical to remaining competitive on the internet, which isn’t easy.

“In the SEO team, we work on generating technical and content strategies to improve the organic positioning of websites in search engines.”, explains Maia, SEO analyst at Tavano Team. However, that’s not all: “SEO is not just about search engines. It’s about improving the user experience, and usability of a website. A good optimization puts you ahead of the competition.”, she adds. Maia has been working at Tavano Team for almost a year now, and she loves staying on top of the latest trends in the SEO world. 

Maia isn’t the only one on our SEO team. For two years now, Milos Mudric has been leading the SEO services at Tavano Team. He has more than 10 years of experience as an SEO specialist and is now helping our clients reach their goals — and exceed them constantly.

“The best thing about SEO is that once gained, positions aren’t that easy to lose. That’s why SEO can often bring so-needed stability to the business, not really relying on constant investment like other channels. In some cases, we saw over 100% growth for our clients, but sometimes even much smaller growth can bring a very significant ROI,” explains Milos.

As for him, his favorite part of working on eCommerce SEO is the competition. “It is a field where you need to compete with other businesses, while at the same time trying to understand better and better the Google algorithm. It’s like playing an infinite game while constantly achieving wins. The feeling of seeing the growth of your clients is really satisfying, feels like a reward for the good work that was done on the website.”

Why hire SEO experts?

When asked about why a business should hire NetSuite SEO experts, Milos said: “Something we often hear is “we wish we started our SEO campaign earlier.” Google is getting smarter and more complex, and it’s getting harder and harder to compete. Still, it’s possible to find low-hanging fruits for almost all businesses, and SEO in combination with other channels can diversify the income, it can help with the conversion rate, UX, and other online channels.”

Sounds tempting? Contact our SEO team to get started optimizing your website and creating the perfect eCommerce growth strategy for your business!

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