Integrating BigCommerce with NetSuite: Is the Hype Real?

There’s a big hype behind BigCommerce, and you’ve probably heard wonders. How much truth is there to that?

It has all the design tools, features, and support you need to get you up and running in no time, sure. But what happens if you want to keep your NetSuite ERP and manage your eCommerce with BigCommerce? Let’s dive in!

What is BigCommerce?

Quick recap: BigCommerce is a robust platform with an easy-to-use interface and advanced built-in features that will allow anyone to get their online store up and running in no time.

It’s a hosted platform, which means it runs on its servers, so you won’t have to buy web hosting or install anything on your computer to use it – if you have access to the internet, you can build and manage your store anywhere in the world. Sounds like magic, right?

Since its establishment in 2009, BigCommerce has quickly become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the eCommerce world, and it’s still taking it by storm. More than 90,000 online stores function on this platform in more than 65 countries. And its clients range from startups setting up new online stores to high-profile companies such as Toyota.

Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper founded the company, and it now has offices in San Francisco, Austin, and Sydney.

Okay, but how does BigCommerce work?

BigCommerce lets you build your brand with a storefront designed to jumpstart growth in your business. Its range of customizable templates will help you create your online presence yourself, with powerful features and expert support along the way.

You can use your BigCommerce storefront to either sell physical or digital goods, and there are tools provided to help you market your store. And what’s more important, it works seamlessly with NetSuite. 

Let’s do a quick rundown of its most important features!

A world of design

One of BigCommerce’s most robust features is its seamless design process and its good selection of pre-made templates you can use to design your very own online store. Create your storefront in just minutes by using their easy drag-and-drop tool to design your page, selecting content blocks such as text, columns, pictures, and more, and dropping them into position on your pages as appropriate. 

There are 12 free themes and around 150 paid ones, and each template contains several different variations, so you have a vast diversity of looks and feels from which to choose. The good news is all their templates are responsive and will allow you to design customized, stunning storefronts to engage all kinds of shoppers across all devices.

It’s so seamless; the set-up wizard will show you previews of your chosen templates, a feature that helps you visualize your website and make all the tweaks and changes you need. On the left-hand side of your panel screen, you’ll see a vertical menu in which you’ll be able to access all of the key features you can edit or view accordingly. 

If you’re a skilled web designer or want to hire a professional to custom-build your website, BigCommerce also offers a full HTML editor and full access to raw CSS files if you’re going to go even more in-depth for your layout edits. Nice!

A vast number of products and formats

One BigCommerce’s most remarkable features is its ability to handle a vast number of product options. It has a considerable advantage over its competitors. For instance, it allows you to create up to 250 product rules or options, and it generously lets you run up to 600 versions of your items. If you’re selling products that come in different formats, let me tell you, you’ve found your home.

Abandoned cart saver feature: a massive win

This couldn’t be a proper BigCommerce post if we didn’t sing its praises for its abandoned cart feature. This one is one of the best in the market, as it allows you to create up to three automated emails to those customers who have gone halfway through your sales process only to leave your store without buying anything.

It’s every business owner’s dream to tap into the minds of these customers to make them come back. And that’s precisely what BigCommerce allows you to do. This has the potential to increase your revenue with little to no effort dramatically. This functionality only comes with BigCommerce’s ‘Plus,’ ‘Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans.

You can request a 15-day free trial to try out the platform, and a 10% discount is available for the ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ plans when paying annually.

We’re sure you’ll ask — how much of a cut of my sales is BigCommerce going to take? Well, we’ve got good news for you! There are no transaction fees on any of these plans, which gives BigCommerce a considerable advantage over its competitors.

… AND it’s easy to use!

People love BigCommerce because it’s super user-friendly and straightforward. It’s relatively similar to Shopify, and its dashboard holds a resemblance to WordPress, so anyone familiar with essential content management will find it very easy to use.

Integrating BigCommerce with NetSuite

You can get the best of both worlds by using the full capabilities of NetSuite’s ERP, all while making the most of BigCommerce’s powerful eCommerce functionalities. And you can rest assured that the integration process is seamless, with the utmost care in maintaining the integrity of your data. Get in contact with eCommerce consultants who can give you a step-by-step plan of the integration process.

Other great BigCommerce features:

  • It can operate with PayPal and other 35 payment gateways, and it’s excellent at multi-currency selling.
  • It’s SEO strong – you can create short URLs, and all plans include automatic image optimization.
  • Its templates facilitate Accelerated Mobile Pages to make your store accessible on all devices.
  • It also facilitates selling at ‘point of sale’ (POS) from a physical location such as a store, market stall, or event.
  • It will generate complete analytics reports on your customers, marketing, search data, finance, abandoned cart stats, and more.
  • With any of the plans, you’ll have live chat support, which means shoppers will be able to contact your sales team while shopping online at all times.
  • You’ll be able to dropship by installing a third-party app like AliExpress from BigCommerce’s app store, which also has excellent integrations to download potentially.
  • It allows a variety of shipping rules or methods, such as free shipping, flat rates, price-based rates, and so on.
  • By downloading the BigCommerce app on Android and iOS, you’ll be able to manage your store on the go!

Still unsure if BigCommerce is right for you? Schedule a free consultation call with our eCommerce experts to learn how to make the most of BigCommerce and NetSuite’s ERP.

Rodrigo Alonso

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