The Best NetSuite-Shopify Connector: Celigo

Want to integrate your NetSuite business to Shopify? Great choice. Let's talk about the best Netsuite-Shopify connector: Celigo.

Integrations can be scary to any business. We know that. In fact, 43% of companies find systems integrations as the biggest challenge when expanding an eCommerce business. Why? Because if it’s not done carefully and smoothly, it can mean losing revenue and customers.

This is why we have a great team that can do this for you, but on top of that, we have a great tool that makes this possible: Celigo. Let’s talk about it!

Celigo was founded in 2010 in California. It started as many tech companies do: in a small garage, with a small team of passionate people. Now it has 6 offices worldwide and is, in our opinion, the best integrating platform in the market.

Celigo started out designing a smart connector for NetSuite and has grown a lot since its origins, but its relationship with NetSuite is still there and has only improved since then. We can for sure say that when it comes to integrating NetSuite and Shopify, Celigo is the king. 

Why Celigo?

Well, we have our reasons. Here are some of them. 

You’ll never miss a single order: if Shopify orders do not get synchronized in NetSuite, they are stored in Celigo until they are created in NetSuite.

Self-Customization: map data fields from a Shopify record type to a NetSuite record type through an intuitive user interface.

Self-Service Dashboard: you’ll have full visibility into integrations and error details for easy troubleshooting, easily manage and update integration settings and data mappings and enable sending alert messages to team members based on error types.

Connect multiple stores: connect additional Shopify stores to the same NetSuite account using a simple two-step process and automatically enable default integration settings and mappings from the original store to additional Shopify stores.

Celigo supports Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Shopify POS, and it requires fewer technical resources than other integration methods. 

Among other things, these are some of the reasons why we choose Celigo, and our experts have nothing but good experiences using it. We can assure you that this connector will optimize the buying experience for your clients, minimize ongoing costs, and scale operations as efficiently as possible.

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