The Link #5: The Power of Web Accessibility


On June 10th, the fifth episode of our eCommerce podcast went live. This time, Joshua Basile, power wheelchair user, lawyer, and disability rights advocate, joined us for a much-needed chat about web accessibility and trying to make the world, and the Internet, a better place for everyone.

Josh constantly serves people with disabilities both in the courtroom and through policy initiatives to improve their quality of life, and he joined accessiBe, a web accessibility solution for website owners, as a Community Relations Manager. He also founded and to help empower people with disabilities and their families through this journey.

Nowadays, web accessibility isn’t just an option, but an obligation, since lawsuits regarding this subject have increased significantly in the last years. So, if you’re an eCommerce owner, you might want to take notes on this one! 

Among other things, we discussed the many benefits that web accessibility can have for both NetSuite eCommerce business owners, and of course, its customers.

Watch here.

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