Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce. Here’s Your Go-to Guide

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We all know that SuiteCommerce is the star of NetSuite’s eCommerce technologies, but what’s the deal with Site Builder? You’ve probably heard about NetSuite’s first-ever eCommerce solution, and a long time has passed since its original launch, but it’s still going strong. 

I tackled the age-old question of SuiteCommerce vs. SuiteCommerce Advanced in another post, but what about Site Builder vs. SuiteCommerce? It’s time to go full circle and compare the entire range of NetSuite’s eCommerce capabilities. 

Let’s go over the basics first. 

Site Builder 

Site Builder is NetSuite’s first and original eCommerce Solution, appearing around 2004. New website developments in Site Builder sites are rare but not unheard of. There are still several original Site Builder websites out there that require maintenance, support, and updates. 

Site Builder includes access to the SSP application platform and free access to SuiteApps that you can install to add functionality to your web store.


Also known as Commerce Web Stores, SuiteCommerce is the solution released by NetSuite as a more powerful alternative to Site Builder. 

SuiteCommerce offers several features that are not available for Site Builder and an architecture that makes customizing the site a lot easier and better. 

With SuiteCommerce implementations, you can build a web store that includes the full shopping, cart and checkout, and My Account experiences for B2C and B2B businesses. Combined, SuiteCommerce components deliver a modern shopping experience and allow for advanced customization of your web store.

Site Builder vs. SuiteCommerce 

Stop wondering which solution will work best with your eCommerce. Use the following information to help you determine whether to use Site Builder or SuiteCommerce solutions.

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: Overview

If you were looking for a more comprehensive Site Builder vs SuiteCommercr comparison, we’ve got you covered. The tables below include high-level descriptions of key features included in Site Builder and SuiteCommerce solutions.

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: General features

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: Site Management

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: Search

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: Catalog & Product Browsing

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: Marketing & Promotions

Site Builder vs SuiteCommerce: Analytics & Reporting

In Conclusion

Both Site Builder and SuiteCommerce solutions allow you to set up a fully integrated eCommerce website into your NetSuite ERP. SuiteCommerce is the most advanced and integral option, but that doesn’t mean you should discard Site Builder from the equation.

Get in contact with our NetSuite experts for a diagnostic and to discover the best option for your eCommerce website.

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