Klaviyo: The Best Email Marketing Solution for SuiteCommerce Businesses

Looking for a suitable substitution for Bronto? If you haven't yet heard about email marketing giant Klaviyo, you better listen up!

If you haven’t yet heard about email marketing giant Klaviyo, you better listen up!

As we covered recently, the time has come to say goodbye to Bronto. NetSuite set its End of Life for May 2022, which means all its clients will have a little over a year to migrate onto other platforms. 

This term, “End of life” or EOL, indicates that software is ending or limiting its support on the product or version to focus on newer ones. But don’t fret! If you’re a Bronto user, you have more than enough time to migrate over to a new email marketing platform.  

But now that you’re starting over why not go for a better and stronger option than the one you were using, right? Enter Klaviyo! 

Klaviyo is the perfect platform to migrate to if you’re running your business on NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce. It was designed to make the whole process extremely simple and straightforward. Let’s look at the reasons why you should choose Klaviyo to leverage your email marketing strategy today.

But first, what is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created with eCommerce in mind — featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. It lets you deliver exceptional experiences across email and other owned channels.

It’s the solution to all of your email marketing problems

Were you getting headaches when using Bronto? You wanted to use dynamic coupons, create custom event automations, or sync with Facebook audiences, but you had to pay for every single add-on in the world. Well, those days are over! Klaviyo gives you complete freedom AND control for your convenience. No more headaches, just success.

They’re at your service 24/7

No more waiting for the support for which you’re literally paying. Klaviyo has a Customer Success Team that is constantly working on YOUR email strategy and seeing that you are using Klaviyo to its fullest potential. No matter if you’re a newbie, they’ll assist you from square one with anything you need. Need help with integration? Design? Implementation? Or even optimization? They’ve got you covered.

Integrations at your fingertips

We have great news for you: Klaviyo can integrate with SuiteCommerce perfectly and in mere minutes. It will pull ALL the data needed to create those flows that will do wonders with your biz’ strategy. With a vast library of integrations, 70 of which are completely pre-built, you’ll never lack anything. And you’ll get started in less than it takes to read this. 

Make your emails irresistible.

Klaviyo’s segmentation tools are ALSO easy to set up. And these are some of the most powerful assets for your email marketing success! You’ll be able to create segments based on all of your data and insights. And you’ll endure sure every one of the emails you’re sending out is targeted, customized, and, best of all, irresistible for your customers. They won’t have any other option than purchasing your products!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For an in-depth review of Klaviyo’s features and benefits for your eCommerce, get in touch with our experts for a free consultation.


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