6 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty


It’s easy to get caught up in acquiring new customers for your NetSuite eCommerce business. Ask any service rep how they’re performing, and they’ll spit out the number of new customers they acquired just this week. In the hunt for more, we can forget to appreciate what we have. So, in honor of our past customers, here are some tips and tricks to increase customer loyalty and get them to come back for more.

Discounts – Rewards – Loyalty Programs

This is pretty basic when looking to increase customer loyalty. Although some entrepreneurs feel that offering a discount minimizes their brand or business structure, it doesn’t.

Offering a discount to a return client says, “I value you.” This doesn’t mean you have to give away the house. Just as in life, customers appreciate the thought. You thought of them enough to send a special email offering them a discount to save them some money.

discounts, rewards, loyalty programs

On top of that, if you offer them a discount specifically based on something they’ve purchased before or you know they liked (based on website activity or social media), you’ll ensure yourself a second sale and a customer for life.

Interactive Content and Customer Service

You have your social media platforms up and running; now what? Engaging with your customers on social media shows that not only are you paying attention, but you care enough to reply to their comments and answer their questions promptly.

Interactive Content and Customer Service

And it’s not just for questions and answers. Use social media to let customers know when a new product they are interested in hits the shelves. How do you know what they’re interested in? You’ve discovered their likes via social media. Now that’s customer service. Will they return to you or your competitor? It may be as simple as staying engaged and creating customer loyalty. Starbucks has been one of the most engaged brands using social media. We think it’s worked for them.

Make Your Content Sing

A customer may stay with you just because they like you. After all, it’s human nature. If they appreciate your content and it adds value to their lives, they will check with you first before reaching out to the unknown. Consider creative content outlets besides blogs and emails such as reports, research, or any other format where you can share fantastic information your customers will appreciate.


Oh. I feel special already. And so will your customers. Treat every one of them as a VIP, and they will be your loyal fan club forever. This leads to your customer’s reiterated support and their family, friends, and social media outreach, knowing how much they like you. What makes a customer feel like a VIP? Your attention to detail and getting to know them.


Social media has allowed this like no other marketing strategy before. Offer them an upgrade, a premium service, and send them a little something to say thank you.

Subscription Services

A subscription service is one of the few ways to guarantee repeat customers. They’ve anted up for that once-a-month delivery of something wonderful and unique, or they are accessing your services monthly. If you can find a model that works with your business, do it!

Subscription Services


One last tip to increase customer loyalty: take off your sales hat for a moment and learn about them. Call them when you have nothing to sell. Be there for them after they’ve bought your product. Treat them as you would want to be treated. Consider featuring them and their story in one of your social media posts, or implementing suggestions that customers have made and then giving them credit for it.

We all want to feel heard, seen, and appreciated. That’s not different for your customers.

Now you know the value of repeat customers and how crucial it is to make them happy! Clients that feel like they’ve been given somewhat special treatment will always come back for more. It’s not only about the product but about how you make them feel. 

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