How is AI changing eCommerce right now? AI for eCommerce 2023


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly generating new hype. At this point, you’ve probably heard a lot about it and the new tools that people are using in many different ways, for many different purposes.

Logically, as eCommerce experts, we’re interested in understanding how AI can help optimize and grow an eCommerce business. Sometimes, in very subtle and simple ways that are even invisible to the client, but very fruitful for both users and business owners.

Today, we share the main ways AI is changing eCommerce nowadays.


We all know personalization is a huge component of online marketing. Whether we’re talking about on-page marketing, or through email, paid media, and social media, personalizing the message depending on who, when, and where it’s being received has proved to work wonders.

Automation can also be a part of it, since you can set automated flows, for example, on email marketing, depending on the point of the buyer’s journey your recipient is at, delivering a more relevant message to the audience.

So, how is AI changing the personalization and automation game? 

Artificial Intelligence can help recollect data, make predictions, automate certain processes, and enhance user experience based on those predictions to help increase conversions drastically. It’s already happening, and it has proved to be very effective. You can learn more about data recollection and AI in The Link’s episode with Peter Szalontay from DataMilk.


Chatbots have been in the game for a while, and there’s a reason: they can provide instant service 24/7, which isn’t easy — or cheap — with human employees.

However, of course, chatbots can’t always solve all doubts and problems, but they are a perfect first filter to discard easy-to-answer questions and offer quick assistance to customers while leaving the more complicated cases to humans and avoiding wasting their time with simple ones.

Plus, the more you “train” and adjust your chatbots, the better and more specific they will get!


Content is nowadays at the heart of any eCommerce marketing strategy. Whether it is for the website, for social media, or any other marketing channel, content creation englobes pretty much anything that will reach the audience to make them want to convert.

How can AI collaborate with content creation? Well, many AI tools and content generators nowadays can create and optimize content for blogs, social media posts, and more, automatically.

Of course, AI will never replace the creative mind of marketers and content creators, but when properly used, it can be a way to get some inspiration or a first draft to fight writer’s block. It can also be helpful with less creative tasks such as translating or quickly looking for information on something without having to go through a long investigation when it isn’t necessary. 

Be careful though. AI-generated content can be pretty limited and unoriginal, so don’t rely on it fully. Plus, Google’s algorithms can detect whether your content is being written by AI and penalize it if the quality of the content isn’t good enough and is being generated solely to manipulate search engine rankings.

Anyways! We’re very interested in the different forms that AI keeps changing and challenging the eCommerce industry to remain active and evolving constantly.

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