Adding SMS to Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy With Klaviyo


SMS might not be at the center of your eCommerce marketing strategy. However, it can definitely add to other marketing efforts very well. As our email and SMS marketing specialist, Jason Miller says: “SMS pours gas on the fire — it complements email very well”.

Although email and SMS seem like similar tools, there are certain specificities to each channel that make them unique and efficient in different ways. While email can hold longer, more complex messages that include graphic material and many links, SMS is more direct, short, and simple, which sometimes is just exactly what is needed.

Fortunately, some online marketing platforms like Klaviyo can help you manage both email and SMS. All that’s left to do is create a tailored strategy that will fit your business and increase audience engagement through both channels.

Now, let’s see how you can add SMS to your marketing strategy, along with some best use cases.


SMS is often used as a more “exclusive” channel for VIP customers. And it works! 

Make your most important clients know they’re appreciated. Give them special VIP discounts, let them get some announcements beforehand, send them updates, and more. Get creative!

Attention: it’s important to remember that email and SMS don’t communicate to say the same thing or it will become repetitive and tiring for the audience. Make sure you’re using SMS as a separate channel that might complement email, but without repeating its same content.

2 Way Messaging

Klaviyo allows two-way messaging in certain countries like US and Canada. 

Certainly, a mutual channel where customers can make their own questions and have their say from the comfort of texting is a very good asset to have in any eCommerce business. It will make your clients trust you more and feel more comfortable buying your products, knowing they can contact you in a fast and easy way. This will definitely strengthen the relationship with your customers!


A well-calculated reminder can make a big difference in any eCommerce marketing strategy. We see it constantly in email marketing. It isn’t different for SMS: abandoned cart alerts, delivery updates, back-in-stock messages, and special date reminders are always a good idea and will definitely boost sales and engagement. Let them know you’re there to help them!

How to get started

  • Firstly, use email and social media to promote SMS: you’re probably already using email and social media and have built an audience there. Use it to your advantage! Promote SMS as an exclusive channel with different promotions and benefits.
  • Create and promote unique offers: as we already said, you have to create exclusive content and promotions for SMS. Don’t just copy-paste what your clients see on the rest of your marketing channels (although of course, it needs to be aligned with them). 
  • A/B test to improve engagement: just like in email marketing, A/B testing is your best friend. Don’t underestimate the power of testing and experimenting. It’s the key to performance optimization.
  • Finally, always segment your audience before you send a text. Identify the contacts that have engaged previously, just like in email marketing. Obviously, if they aren’t engaging, you don’t want them on your list!

As we’ve seen, SMS can be very effective when used right.

By all means, contact our NetSuite email marketing experts to build a specific eCommerce growth strategy for your case. And also, check out our Klaviyo NetSuite integration to leverage both platforms to the max! Let’s get started on your email and SMS journey!

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