The Link #6: Hard Truths About SMS and Email Marketing


In The Link: eCommerce Connections Episode 6, we had the pleasure of welcoming an email and SMS marketing expert to teach us all the basics and tricks you should know before getting to it. 

Jake Cohen is VP of Content at Klaviyo, a leading online marketing platform that helps you create email and SMS marketing campaigns based on really detailed data that can guarantee you success — if used correctly.

Jake and our host discussed what makes email and SMS marketing a great way to connect with a business’ audience, along with practices to follow and avoid, and why you should choose Klaviyo to get the best results possible and increase conversions. 

Find out everything you need to know to get started or elevate your marketing game to boost your NetSuite eCommerce business, with these long-time experts. 

Also, if you’re using NetSuite for your business and want to give Klaviyo a try, we can integrate these two powerful platforms to get the most out of them.

Contact our team of NetSuite developers and marketing experts to find out how to optimize your eCommerce business today!

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