Shopify’s Updates of Summer 2022


Shopify Editions is here. What is it, you ask? Two times a year, Shopify shows everything they’ve been working on in the past six months and all they’ve done to increase the experience of buyers and sellers of the platform. Here are some of the Shopify updates we loved from this edition!

Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is a new app from Shopify that helps you find new customers. The platform can study purchase intent and the merchant network, which helps identify buyers who might be interested in your products. This allows you to create and export audiences that are likely to buy from you to ad platforms like Facebook or Instagram! This generates high conversion rates and better-performing ads. It is integrated into Shopify and ad platforms, although it is exclusive to Shopify Plus users from US and Canada.

Shop Cash

Shop Cash is Shopify’s most popular checkout. This year, it will give buyers millions of dollars in rewards for their purchases. Also, you can use Shop Cash Boosts to make special offers and gain new customers using the Shop app. This way, you’ll reach Shop’s audience of 100 million users and get higher conversions. Also, it’s free!

Twitter Shopping

Another exciting feature included in this edition: with Twitter Shopping, you can highlight your products directly on your Twitter profile — similar to Instagram. This way, you can sell your products directly on your profile and, therefore, reach a huge audience. Also, the setup is easy since it syncs your Shopify product catalog to Twitter Shopping Manager! Great news, right?

Shopify Markets 

This one allows you to reach international markets by setting price lists by markets, adjusting language and currency according to location, and to also collect duties and import taxes at checkout. It simply makes it easier for larger audiences to reach your products from anywhere.

Customer Engagement Tools

We all know how important it is to build genuine connections with our audience. Shopify took it to the next level with some cool new features to try: Shopify Email’s new automations and segmentation tools that will allow you to target specific groups of your audience, and increase engagement. Here’s some more information on these new email updates!

Built for Shopify

The last Shopify update we chose is Built for Shopify: a new program ideal for businesses who want to personalize even more their Shopify experience. It provides the tools, functionality, and documentation to build apps that perform like they’re a part of Shopify. This will enhance the usability and performance of the app since it helps integrate it seamlessly into the platform.

Anyways, those are just some of our favorite picks. There are way more Shopify updates to discover on the new “Editions”: new themes, new apps, and new horizons to reach. Read the full edition to be up to date on everything that’s new on Shopify!

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