Shopify Takes a Step Towards Sustainable eCommerce for 2023


A few weeks ago, Shopify shared a letter from their Head of Sustainability, Stacy Kauk, talking about the measures they will take this year to reduce their environmental impact and bet for sustainable eCommerce.

As we mentioned in our last blog post about the top 2023 eCommerce trends, environmentalism plays a more significant role in eCommerce each year, since many consumers now demand a certain level of responsibility from retail companies.

Well, Shopify knows this and is taking it seriously. Here are some of their current measures toward sustainable eCommerce:

  • Shopify backs six new companies to prove and scale carbon removal technologies through its Sustainability Fund.
  • Shopify and Stripe will spend a combined $11 million as members of Frontier, a commitment we co-founded in April to spend $925 million on permanent carbon removal by the end of 2030.
  • To date, the support of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund has helped multiple companies raise over $50 million in capital and grow their carbon removal capacity by more than 1000x. 

This continues previous steps they’ve taken toward this direction, like the launch of Shopify Planet last June, which allows Shopify Merchants to calculate their emissions and remove those emissions by funding carbon removal companies — now used by more than 8,000 Shopify merchants and totaling over 5,000 tonnes of carbon removal.

This is all possible thanks to Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, created in 2019, which has supported many initiatives destined to not only stop but reverse climate change. Read more about the fund and the companies it supports here

Sounds great, right? Contact us today to learn more about Shopify’s sustainable eCommerce measures, our Shopify NetSuite integration, and how Shopify could fit your NetSuite eCommerce business — all while making a difference.

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