6 Must-Have B2B Features for Your eCommerce

B2B eCommerce sites can create unique eCommerce opportunities for their company. How can they do it? What features do they need?

For decades, businesses have used the Internet for their online store, and the global eCommerce market is expected to total $4.89 trillion in 2021. Many B2B stores can create unique eCommerce opportunities for their company. How do they do it? What features do they have? Here are the best B2B features for eCommerce right now.

1) Autocomplete Search

You and your customers use autocomplete search every day on Google. This feature makes recommendations for users as they type in the search engine box. The feature will also automatically match the customer’s search item with a store’s specific product. There’s less typing for the user, which takes less time, which means more money for your business.

2) List Price/MSRP, followed by “You Save…”

Customers love saving money. Bargain hunters are everywhere. The only way to present a compelling price is by listing the list price or MSRP price. Crossing out this price, followed by a red-colored number “Sale” price and a “You Save $[Amount]” will show your competitive prices to the customers. Prospective bargain hunters will feel like they got a great deal on their product.

3) Add Multiple Items to Cart

Instead of going through the entire shopping process for every single item, make it easier for your customers by allowing them to add multiple items to their virtual shopping cart. Expediting this process will enable more products to be bought. Suggestions of what other customers bought and recommended package deals are perfect for attracting customers to add more items to their shopping cart.

4) Item Comparison

Comparing similar products are great for those analytical shoppers looking for the best product for them. Reading reviews, comparing statistics, and keeping it on one page helps consumers make the best decision for their unique situation.

5) Store/Dealer Locator

Instead of going to a different website to find your store’s location, let them find your store on your website. Google Maps provides a great map for your users to find. MapQuest and Bing can also help customers find your business. By entering their full address or just their zip code, they can find the store closest to their location.

6) Quick Order

Customer retention is key to any business. Repeat customers can use a “Quick Order” to create a faster, more streamlined shopping experience. By providing the SKU number or by repeating orders and entering the desired quantity, the shopping experience for your most loyal customers will be faster than first-timers. This makes repeat customers feel special for coming back and buying more of your high-quality products.

For more tips on the best B2B features for eCommerce, or for help bringing them to life on your website, contact our experts and see how we can help you improve your eCommerce!

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