4 Digital Experiences to Develop in B2B SuiteCommerce Businesses


We already told you some of the features you need for your B2B website. However, we did not talk about this: Seamless online digital experiences are crucial for B2B businesses. Yet, they seem to always come as an afterthought. By 2025, most B2B revenue will reach from eCommerce websites! 

As we sink deeper into the digital age, businesses are evolving their practices. They look to create better experiences for their partners, employees, and customers.

Consumers are more informed than ever. They expect engaging, interactive experiences, and B2B buyers want the same effortless interactions.

What Are Digital Experiences?

A digital experience refers to an effort of a business to create or enhance digital interactions with shoppers. 

All businesses should put energy into enhancing digital experiences on their platforms. 84% of B2B company leaders recognize that increasing digital expectations are their biggest fear.

B2B buyers look for seamless interactions with businesses even if, ironically, they fail to do so themselves in their own business.

Take out your notebook! Here are four strategies that will help you improve Digital Experiences in your SuiteCommerce business.

1. Providing Greater Personalized Content

A total of 36% of major B2B leaders recognize personalized content as a pillar of digital experiences.

Businesses are beginning to understand content as an investment. The material is not only relevant to their sales plan but is also highly beneficial for SEO and SEM positioning strategies.

The creation of personalized content is reliant on visitor data to deliver relevant material back to the visitor. Specifically, the data used to customize content ranges from actions on the landing page to the user’s location. 

Content may mean different things to different businesses. And that’s the beauty of it! Personalized content gives your audience a reason to spend more time on your website. 

This will help develop deeper connections between shoppers and your company, products, or services. And in the process, you will be positioning yourself as a voice of authority in your industry.

2. Enhancing the Mobile Experience

Offering an excellent mobile experience is also crucial! And B2B decision-makers agree, with 33% of them citing its ongoing importance.

Mobile devices are the device of choice, of course, so it only makes sense to enhance your website to accommodate this shift in customer behavior.

If you don’t, you risk losing them to more dedicated competitors.

3. Implementing Live Chat Online

Live chat is the fastest communication channel to interact with customers. Surprisingly though, a lot of companies still fail to understand its benefits!

Only 31% of B2B leaders recognized the importance of a live chat. When integrated into your CRM, it can quickly gather customer details. It’s a fantastic way to reach new growth markets.

Live chat also yields the highest satisfaction rates among customers who use it!

4. Suggesting Product Recommendations

AI product recommendations are becoming increasingly reliable at collecting data. As a result, it’s great to help shoppers find products in which they might be interested. Their filtering system predicts and displays items a user is most likely to buy based on their behavior.

For first-time visitors, AI will make suggestions based on browsing and buyer patterns of similar shoppers. So with this tool, merchants will be one step closer to understanding the buyer journey on their website.

There is much you can do to create digital experiences. This was just a handful! To learn how to develop digital experiences for your customers or understand how they can help grow your business, send us a message.

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