4 Tips for Writing Product Descriptions that Engage

When creating an eCommerce website, we have to think about every detail. Product descriptions can define if a customer decides to buy something or not. Here are some tips to perfect them.

When creating an eCommerce website, we have to think about every detail. While some things are simply more important than others, everything aims for the same goal: to sell more! Product descriptions are pretty high up in your website’s content hierarchy. It’s what the client will see before they decide to buy a product or not, and it will influence their decision highly. 

So, if you struggle to write exciting product descriptions or worry that people won’t buy your products, this post is an essential read for you. 

After reading, you will know how to write engaging product descriptions like the ones you see on your favorite sites.

1) Talk to Your Ideal Customers

When writing a product description, don’t imagine you’re writing for thousands of potential buyers — narrow your focus to one person: your ideal customer. If you don’t know who that may be, think about it: What age are they? What do they do? What age are they looking for? Once you have that solved, talk to your ideal customer as you write the description, and you’ll produce a more engaging piece of content.


2) Lead with Benefits

Product descriptions that only discuss features are boring. Think about the benefits behind each feature and incorporate them into your copy. Why does it matter? How does it benefit the customer? For example, let’s say you’re selling an end table made out of solid wood. Mention how solid wood lasts for centuries, allowing you to pass down your furniture to your children. Or explain that solid wood is easy to repair, so if they have kids, it can be easily repaired if something happens.


3) Reduce Buyers Guilt

Most consumers feel the buyer’s guilt for spending money, especially if it’s on themselves. Therefore, you must reduce that remorse in your product description. Use reassuring language and avoid negative connotations. Explain to them how buying your product will benefit them. Other tactics for eliminating buyer’s guilt include:

  • Suggesting that purchasing the product will save them money
  • Making your offer a one-time deal
  • Writing as if your product is exclusive
  • Pointing out potential multi-uses
  • Avoiding the use of the words treat, splash, or expensive.

4) Appeal to the Senses and Use Vivid Vocabulary

It’s essential to paint a picture in the mind of your potential customer of the product benefiting them. You want to sell the lifestyle behind the product to them rather than the item itself. Techniques that accomplish this are linking the product to a celebrity, bringing up a relevant event, and using vivid adjectives.


That’s it! We promise your product will be more attractive to potential customers if you follow these steps when writing your product descriptions. Just remember, you’re not selling just a product. You’re selling a potential life quality improvement! Just make that subtly clear to your audience, and you will see results.

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